This Man drives everywhere in "reverse" in India

After his car's forward gears broke one day, this guy was 'forced' to drive in reverse.An Indian taxi driver, Harpreet Dev, has become a mini celebrity in his home town of Bhatinda, in the state of Punjab, by driving everywhere backwards.

He can now reach speeds of up to 50 mph while driving backwards

Harpreet Devi, 33, has been reversing along India's roads for past 11 years when his car got stuck in reverse gear in 2003.

At the time the car broke, Harpeet was unable to get it repaired immediately and had to drive home constantly looking through the rearview mirror.

He decided to take his Fiat Padmini, paint "Back Gear Champian" on the side, and redesigns the gear box to have four gears in reverse and one forward.

He can now reach speeds of up to 50 mph while driving backwards, as he insist he feels safer going backwards than forwards.

Harpreet has now been given special permission by the state government to drive legally in reverse and practises his reverse driving up to three times a week.

After five years of practice I have perfected the art of reverse driving,
he said, adding that he took "all the care I can to protect other drivers on the road".

I always wanted to do something different, something unique.

But his somewhat bizarre practice has had one side effect – he has now begun suffering severe neck and back problems.

I do have pains in the neck - frequent pains in the neck - and I have had severe vomiting in past,
he said.

I have got a severe backbone problem from driving so fast in reverse, because my whole body gets contorted.

Harpeet has now been driving backwards for 11 years and and says he has not yet had an accident.

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