Snake vs Praying Mantis, unexpected fight between reptile and insect

There are so many weird things happening in the Animal Kingdom, from unusual reproductions, to scary way of eating a prey.

There are also undocumented ways of hunting and of course the unseen epic battles of animals for their survival in the wild.

Snake versus Praying Mantis
An unexpected fight between a reptile and an insect.

Here's a best example of an out of this world fight scene of a reptile and a mantis.

Movies, stories and television series that features snakes like "Anaconda", "Harry Potter" and our very own, "Zuma" proves that serpents are good hunters.

But on this video uploaded by KEPO. COM on their YouTube Channel, a long limbless reptile that has no eyelids can also be a loser.

A snake slowly approaches its target, a "Praying Mantis" which is a bit bigger than its size. The snake tries to get close to the insect but it fails as the mantis strikes a powerful punch.

The reptile pauses for a moment and takes a big breath before making another attack. But the mantearia is ready to defend itself against the enemy.

After so many failed attempts, the Praying Mantis overpowered the snake and captured it with its two powerful forelegs. The reptile tried to fight back but the mantis already started to bit its belly while holding its body near the head, preventing any other attacks.

Mantises are considered powerful species during the ancient civilisations. They feed on arthropods but giant ones can sometimes eat their same kind, and just like on the video, they can also feast on small reptiles.

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