Woman found a venomous snake swimming in their pool

What will you do if you saw a viper that can deliver a painful and potentially fatal bite?

A water moccasin snake is a poisonous snake from the pit viper species. They can be found in southeatern part of United States. An adult snake is large and can deliver a painful and potentially deadly bite. When on hostile, they maintain their position by coiling their bodies and showing their large sharp tooth which is capable of delivering a fatal venom.

This lady was disturbed with this unexpected guest
This lady was disturbed with this unexpected guest

This is the only semiaquatic viper which can be found in or near a body of water that does not have any strong water rapids. These can be shallow lakes, streams, marshes and even your backyard swimming pool. They are a strong swimmer even on a large body of water. They have a behavior that they swim close to the top of the water with their heads out. They mostly eat fish, small mammals, amphibians like the frogs, reptiles like a lizard, baby alligators, and other species of snakes. They also eat decaying body of animals which they hunt for it during the night.

This species of snake is the largest which an adult can measure up to 31 inches. They have a wide head which is distinct from the neck. The muzzle is not distinguishable because of the rim on the top of their head. Majority of the snake have black scale. Some of them have a color patter that composed of brown, gray, tan and yellow-to-olive color.

This snakes have a different name as well. They are sometimes called cottonmouth which came because of their white colorization inside their mouth, black water viper, black snake, water pit-viper, worm-tailed pit-viper, water copperhead, cotton-mouthed snake, mangrove rattler, moccasin snake, water moccasin, North American water viper, water rattlesnake.

In the video below, you can see a lady is planning to take a swim in their pool. However, her family saw a moccasin snake swimming at the edge of the pool. The lady is planning to capture it using her hands but her relatives warn her about the deadly venom of this snake. So they catch this snake using a swimming pool net.

What can you say about their experience with the moccasin snake?

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