This snake attacks a lion but got frustrated

What will you do if you found a dead lion then a most frightening snake? Will you get sad on what will happen to the dead lion being attacked by the most feared snake in Africa?

See how this snake bites a sleeping lion
See how this snake bites a sleeping lion

The slippery Black Mamba is the second longest and venomous snake in the world, the king cobra is on the first place. This snake can grow up to 10 to 15 feet. It is also considered as the fastest snake in the world because it can move from 16 to 20 km/h. The name didn’t originate from the color of the snake where it is usually grey. The name was given to this snake because of the highly pigmented interior on their mouth. Most people fear this snake because it can chase and attack in an ungentle way. This snake feeds on small mammals, reptiles and birds. They also eat large animals as well. Most people die because of the poisonous bite from this deadly snake. Aside from this snake, cobras and puff adder are the cause of dead in Africa as well.

In the video below, the hungry black mamba tries to devour a dead lion. The snake attacks the lion who is as dead as a door-mail. It attacks the lion twice just to check if the lion is just sleeping. Then the snake thinks that he is a python that can gobble the lion who is as dead as a door mail. The snake crawls towards the eye of the lion and tries to get inside as well. But the snake changed its plan and move away.

What can you say about this video? This is the wonders of the forest that we cannot see in our everyday lives.

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