"Biggest Woman" in the World loses 800lbs, amazing transformation

She is the Texas woman once dubbed the "Half Ton Killer," accused of killing her nephew by rolling on him with her 1,000-pound frame but now loses almost 800lbs.

Mayra Rosales has lost nearly 80% of her body weight after undergoing 11 operations aimed at helping her shed the pounds and revealed her incredible new look in a series of Facebook posts.

Mayra Rosales was dubbed the "Half-Ton Killer" when accused of murdering her nephew.

"I used to take up a whole king-size bed," Mayra said.

I couldn't even stand up on my feet. My legs couldn't hold my weight.

In 2008, Mayra was charged with murdering her sister Jamie's son. She was accused of falling on the kid and crushing him under her bed. It was then she was nicknamed as "half-ton killer."

But with further investigations it was revealed that she was simply used as a fall guy to cover up her sister's crime.

After that her sister confessed to the crime and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

I thought I was dying anyway so I decided to admit that I’d done it to protect my sister because I love her,
Mayra said

As she was proven innocent and sent home, Mayra promised to get healthier so she can take care of her sister's children.

Mayra lost weight and underwent 11 surgeries, including extra skin removal, a lap band procedure and she changed the way she thought about food.

She began a treatment with an obesity specialist in Houston Texas. She almost lost 100lbs in her first 10 days. She also undergoes gastric bypass surgery.

Mayra loses almost 800 lbs from her previous weight 1,000 lbs. Watch her inspiring video below.

Do not lose hope and keep fighting because we only have one life, and its well worth fighting for it,
Mayra said

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