Wondering what's inside the tail of a Rattlesnake?

Rattlesnake's are known for the signature sound they create using their tails but what could be causing the alluring sound they make?

Their tail can rattle for over 50 times per second and they can keep that tail rattling for hours only ending it if only necessary. They use the rattling sound they generate from their tail to ward off predators. To avoid any damage, they keep their tails up whenever they travel.

Father-son duo uncovers what lies inside the Rattlesnake's tail
Father-son duo uncovers what lies inside the Rattlesnake's tail.

This fascinating video uncovers the mystery behind the "rattle"

The tail of the rattlesnake caught the attention of a father-son duo who seems to have a habit of discovering what's inside something by taking things apart. They got completely curious and pinned down the tail as their next target.

Daniel Markham and his son, Lincoln, excitedly tells more about the said snake before proceeding to their experiment. Don't worry! No rattlesnakes were harmed in creating the video.

They used a sharp blade and a dead snake's tail on their experiment
They used a sharp blade and dead snake's tail on their experiment.

Their video has already over 46,397,166 views as of their writing! That's a whole lot of other curious folks out there.

Using a sharp blade, Daniel Markham carefully cut the rattlesnake's tail into two to reveal what lies inside it. Curious? Check out the video below and share us your thoughts on the comment section!

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