Rare weird-looking shark washes off shore, it is the 66th of its kind

Megamouths have an abundance of teeth lined in as many as 50 rows in their enormous jaws. A few of those rows act as a filter to keep food in and push water out. A white band on a megamouth's upper lip might also serve as a bio-luminescent strip that helps it attract food in the dark water, though researchers aren't certain of that.

Megamouth Shark, very rare to be seen

This species lives in deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. They rises towards the surface to feed plankton during the night.

Most of the previous sightings have occurred near Taiwan, Japan and recently, the Philippines. They have been so rarely spotted that it is unknown exactly how big the world's population might be, and where most of them reside, according to researchers.

A 15-foot rarely-spotted shark shows up in the Philippines' shores

The rare shark that washed off the shore

The Megamouth Shark was found dead in the beach line of Marigondon, Pio Duran, Province of Albay. This marks it 66th sighting since its first appearance on 1976. The locals named the shark as "Toothless" but the truth is, it does have many teeth.

According to the Albay Parks and Wildlife Center of the Philippines, they likely to put the shark's body on display.

The last sighting of this rare shark was on July 2014 in the Philippines. And there's another video of a Megamouth Shark washed off the shore in Japan.

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