Photographer jumps into an ocean whirlpool

They said that the ocean has full of mysteries. It has a surprising beauty that you want to captivate all throughout your journey even if it costs your life's safety.

The daredevil photographer prepares his camera before swimming into the whirlpool
The daredevil photographer prepares his camera before swimming into the whirlpool

However, behind the beauty of the ocean is a dreadful reality, they can be really dangerous. They are unfortunate events that it can harm you, up to the extent where you lost all the will to fight and surrender to it. This is when accidents might happen.

Most people try to avoid ocean phenomenon such as Whirlpools. Because just by looking at it from a far, it could already give you the frightening fact that you don’t know what danger you will be facing once you get near one of those.

But this guy just broke that typical thinking! Join him as he films his incredible yet dangerous way into an ocean whirlpool.

According to reports, Jacob Cockle, the 28 years old photographer who was really interested in whirlpools, died after trying to take "one more photo" of the phenomenon in famous whirlpools at Carnsew Pool in the Hayle Estuary, Cornwall harbor. According to the local police, this place was notorious for the swirling currents.

He was unfortunately sucked into the whirlpool’s vortex when he tried to swim nearer to snap his final shots.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

After the incident, the police confirmed camera equipment was found at the scene.

Mr Cockle's family warned others who are planning to go extreme to "not to do this sort of thing". They have described Jacob Cockle as a 'Loving, caring, son'

As the family dealt with the loss of their loving son, they do not wish this terrible accident to happen to anyone else.

Friends have paid tribute to the photographer and body boarder who was airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro where he was pronounced dead.

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