What happens when you step on lava?

When a volcanic eruption happens, there are so many things that may come out from its crater. The crater allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases (or pyroclastic flow) to escape from a massive chamber of liquid rock or magma beneath the surface of every planet like our very own, mother Earth.

Man tries to step on lava
Man tries to step on lava.

An erupting volcano can be very dangerous especially when you live inside the permanent danger zones. You may lose your house, agriculture or even your life when you get caught by the lava or falling rocks. But some tourists prefer to witness the dangerous explosion and take pictures.

Have you ever imagine how fast a lava can burn or melt an object? Well, we all known that it's is very dangerous and we've never seen anybody step on it, because why would anybody do that?

But, somebody did! A Hawaiian tour guide bravely plunge his foot, of course wearing a shoes, into thousand-degree molten rock to demonstrate just how thick it really is.

A man steps on glowing hot lava to demonstrate something

On the video 24-second video clip video by Alex Rivest on YouTube, an orange to red-colored hot lava is flowing slowly and then a person quickly applied a light pressure on it for a few milliseconds. Upon removing his foot, it produces fire, maybe because of the materials of the rubber contacting a hot surface. It leaves a curve on the lava's surface but it goes back to its original form because of it being so dense, because it's a molten rock.

It looks amazing isn't it? But at the same time squishingly dangerous and horrifying if it touches your skin.

The uploader's note on the video:
*** Do not try this! ***

*** This was done by a professional and only for demonstration purposes, to show how viscous the molten rock is ***

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