Driver kicked a dog, received bites of revenge from the group

Dogs are said to be man's best friend! But you just don't mess with them and get away with it. This dog's bite is harsher than its bark!

When a man in Chongqing, China found a stray dog lying in his parking spot he got out of his car and instead of trying to lure the animal away, he kicked it.

This dog brought his group of canine friends to get revenge

The man got rid of the dog because of what he had done, but moments after the kick, the dog came back with a group of canine friends.

A neighbor heading down the same parking lot caught the pack of dogs seriously roughing up the car. The dogs attacked the car by biting and scratching the car’s fenders, mirrors, tires – you name it!

Good thing the neighbor who witnessed the scene caught the group's revenge on its camera.

According to the witness they even chewed on the vehicle's windshield wipers before running away to plot their next act of vigilante justice.

The witness showed the pictures to the complaining man

When the man complained about his car, his neighbor showed him the pictures of the dogs attacking his car.

After that incident, the dog has never seen again.

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