Bossing Vic Sotto, nagulat sa nilalaro niya

There are so many new games available on the market, some are card games while others are toys like Don't Take Busters Bone Game (Beware of the Dog).

This is a hilarious and suspenseful game wherein every player will use the "cat paw tweezers" to get some bones from the dog. Each turn, a player will draw a card with a number on it, which is the number of bones that a player will get from the dog. But be careful to wake up the dog or it will surprise you with a growl.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Bossing Vic Sotto playing Don't Take Busters Bone Game (Beware of the Dog)

On this video uploaded by Marie Pauleen Luna-Sotto on Facebook, the Bossing of Eat Bulaga, Vic Sotto is playing the epic game with his brother Val Sotto.

Val successfully stole a bone from the sleeping dog, and passed the toy to the next player, Bossing Vic.

Bossing selected a card to see how many bones that he needed to get from the dog. As he carefully and slowly reaching for the bones, the dog woke up and angrily faces Bossing and surprised him.

Everyone laughed so hard, especially the pregnant wife of Bossing, Pauleen. The epic scenario was recorded by Ciara Sotto and shared to the fans.

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