A closer look to one of the world's "most terrifying" sea creatures

It is undeniable that certain parts of the ocean really look like they came from another entire world. And based on all the eerie videos posted on the internet, the ocean is really packed with aliens.

Still having a hard time believing? You can check out the creepy video below showing a monkish sitting on the keel of the HMS Ark Royal, covered with dusting of sediment from the ocean floor.

Monk fish are really massive in size
Monk fish are really massive in size.

Though, in the footage, the monster looking sea creature didn’t even give the slightest movement, it still looks terrifying especially when the camera came close to it.

The video was posted by Our Oceans on YouTube and has over 1 million views. According to the video’s caption, they were able to get some up close shots of the fish about 80 miles off of Gibraltar.

A closer look to the monster looking sea creature.
A closer look to the monster looking sea creature.

Also, it says that as you look closer to the Monk fish’s filaments like the lure or esca between its eyes, it gently moves to attract fishes which it swallows whole. It appears that, the Monk fish catches its prey when they are within its chomping reach.

However, the interesting specie of the Monk fish has seriously declined because of bottom trawling, slow reproduction and high demand for the fishes' delicate flesh.

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