Satisfying videos of how huge ships are launched into the sea

Didn't know that ship launching can cause such great impact and huge waves!

Thousands of years ago in many cultures, it was naval tradition to have ceremonial ship launching where the vessel is transferred into the water. Most often it was observed by the public as celebration and an act of solemn blessing.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

The process also includes many traditions anticipated to summon good luck, such as ceremonial by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow as the ship is named loudly and launched to the sea.

There are different types of ship launching but the most widely used ship launching process - and the most awesome - is the side oiled slideway. It is where the slideway outspreads into the water and the ship slides its way (mostly sideways) into the water.

 A screenshot from the video.
The scene before they launch the ship.

With its massive size and hefty weight, ship launching is never an easy task as it represents an extensive engineering challenge because it has also become a public spectacle.

Though it looks like the ship will sink any moment after it was set to the sea, it actually then becomes steady based on its own buoyancy and stability features. Because this kind of launching really entails the ship to have great stability and strength.

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