This time-lapse video compilation of a storm will leave you amazed

Showing how nature behaves is probably one of the most frightening yet breathtakingly interesting subjects one can indulge.

And that is how one redditor attracted the attention of other redditors who shared the same interest in discovering the beauty of natural phenomenon especially storm chasing.

In his Reddit entry, chakalakasp shared a timelapsed video compilation of his storm chasing experiences.

As an intro, chakalakasp described why storm chasing has become a hobby and why he is doing it.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

People sometimes ask why I get so close to storms to photograph them. It's because I can't find a better way to convey how incredible our world is, and how small we are in comparison,
he said.

Fellow Redditor can help but agree in amaze at the brilliance and magnificence of the video.

One commenter even said he felt chills with the video, evident of how great it was.

Gave me the chills.. great video.

While others admired the courage of storm chaser to get into the action knowing how dangerous the job is.

That must be amazing. I've loved thunderstorms ever since I was a child. I've climbed up into tress many times just to sit and enjoy nature; two trees in particular that were my favorites growing up. I would adore being where you are and getting to see that. It sounds wonderful,
another commenter wrote.

Shot in several parts of the US like Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming, the video showcased how marvelous and incredible nature is indeed.

Seeing the storm clouds form and hover over the earth will definitely left one in awe of the mystery and incredibleness of nature. Aside from its marvelousness, the video can also be a reminder how small people are compared to these phonomenon and how its might are capable of bringin wrat and destruction.

The video which was published in Stormlapses Youtube channel on April 12 has since gathered more than 105 thousand views.

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