Rare big egg with "two chickens" inside, found by a Farmer

Two sunny-side up eggs for breakfast? That's a very lovely idea. But, how about having two fried eggs coming from one shell? That's a rare thing to find on the poultry section of the supermarket.

But on this video from needmorechickens' YouTube channel, the farmer discovered a huge egg with two chickens inside it.

 A screenshot from the video.
A farmer trying to help the two baby chickens.

Farmer found a rare egg with twin chickens inside it

The person who found the rare egg marked it for references, and then examined it to determine the quality of the eggs and what's inside it.

And when the hatching time comes, she created two small holes on the shell of the egg to help the twin chickens to breath. And then she slowly peeled the other parts of the shell to reveal the amazing two little chickens.

According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences:
When two chicks hatch from the same egg, the egg usually has two yolks. Usually, one embryo out competes the other and only one chick survives to hatch. Many time both embryos die before hatch. We have no knowledge of Siamese twin chicks ever being hatched.

But on this case, a huge egg containing two adorable chickens survived, one became a hen and the other a rooster according to the person who uploaded the video.

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