Black Cat barking like a Dog

Videos of funny, scared, hungry, sweet, cute, guilty and confused cats are all over the internet. But this video from is a bit different and weird because of a rare footage of a feline that sounds like a dog "barking".

On the 22 second video, a rare footage of a cat standing on a window was caught by its owner doing a dog's sound.

 A screenshot from the video.
A cat was caught barking by its owner.

Cat was caught barking like a Dog, suddenly starts meowing again

When the black cat realizes that its owner's presence, it quickly shifted from barking to "meowing". The barking cat video has earned 23,472,665 views on YouTube, with 165,737 likes and 1,707 dislikes.

Here are some popular reactions on the comments section of the video.

This is the closest real life has ever gotten to a cartoon. Ever.

what in the world was he barking at anyhoo?

when the cat notices the person is there its like oh crap I mean uhh Meow, totally was just meowing uhhh.... starts meowing outside the window see? No barking going on here Meow Meow Meow... you saw absolutely Nothing...

Explanation about the "Barking Cat"

A video explanation from Discover News tackles the real deal about the "Barking Cat".

According to Dr. Jane Brunt, DVM, The Cat Hospital owner, the video and its sound is authentic. She said that the cat might be coughing and there are number of things that can make our feline friends "cough" that make them sounds like barking.

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