Japanese students successfully hatched chicken eggs without its shell

There's a hot debate about "chicken" and "egg", people are asking which one came first? Some says chicken and of course the other side says egg.

But whatever came first, this science experiment is "the first of its kind". A group of Japanese students successfully developed a chick from an egg out of its shell.

 A screenshot from the video.
The embryo was developed after few days of the experiment.

On the video, the students removed the shell of a raw chicken egg and put the yolk over a plastic in a cup. And they reiterated that they're not going to cook.

They are monitored by their great teacher, Mr. Tahara on their class project.

Through a clear container, we'll be able to see everything. From the signs of life to hatching... we'll be able to see the changes.
said by the professor.

After preparing the egg, the class proceeds to the incubation process of their project.

For the past 21 days, the development and changes on the egg was monitored. And they successfully hatched an egg with no shell and a healthy chick was born.

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