Eagle tries to kidnap a child in a park in Canada

Enjoying the park with your family is a nice way to bond with each other, but what if while you are preparing your stuff for the picnic a wild animal will try to snatch your baby from you?

In a video uploaded by Venugopal Komarraju on YouTube, a toddler was seen sitting on the grass in a park in Montreal, Canada when a huge eagle appeared and lifted the kid from the ground.

 A screenshot from the video.
An Golden Eagle was caught on camera trying to lift a toddler from the ground.

Upon seeing the approaching monster bird, the person who's recording the video quickly ran towards the baby. Unfortunately the bird was too fast, it carried the child and the unexpected thing happened.

The child was almost few feet high from the ground when the beast dropped it. Thankfully, the little one looks fine but a bit shaking.

The Eagle incident, FAKE!

According to a report by Daily Mail Online, the viral video of the deadly bird snatching the poor kid was a hoax.

The video was part of a project of some creative students taking up 3D Animation and Digital Design program in Montreal.

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