A counter-flowing man in scooter got angry with the driver who is on the road right-of-way

On a video uploaded by Pinoy Law Breakers on Facebook, a car was driving on his road right-of-way when a scooter countered the traffic flow. The driver stopped because the man in scooter was on the wrong lane, so he stood his ground. But the man on the scooter got angry and started to say bad words and swore on him.

The woman on the backseat of the scooter tried to simmer down the situation but the man driving the scooter insisted and asked the driver on the car a fight.

 A screenshot from the video.
The man on the scooter swearing at the driver of the car.

Then Car Driver calmly went down his car and approached the Scooter Man in a nice way. As we can see on the video, the Car Driver has a big hand, assuming that he's a tall guy and a gym buff.

The woman on the scooter backseat quickly stopped the confrontation and the man driving the scooter looked at the Car Driver like he saw a giant or UFC Fighter.

Some of the online users pointed out that the Scooter Man and his passenger has violated many traffic rules. They're not wearing any safety gears like helmets, they countered the traffic flow, he exposed the other person in danger and the man showed no respect with the other driver inside the car.

Other netizens also pointed out that the Scooter Driver should humbly accepted his mistakes and say his apologies to the Car Driver.

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