The first ever McDonald's hotel, the Golden Arch in Zurich

Are you a fan of the famous fast food chain, the McDonald's? Well, this tasty video is for you!

McDonald's or McDo, here in the Philippines is the largest fast food chain in the world with almost 37,000 branches and 420,000 employees as of 2015. The restaurant was founded by the brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940 in the United States of America. (Wikipedia)

 A screenshot from the video.
Inside the McHotel in Zurich

The first McHotel

The first ever McHotel was located at the Golden Arch Hotel in Zurich, Europe. The CEO of the Swiss McDonald's decided to create the 4-star fast food version of the restaurant.

 A screenshot from the video.
Golden Archs Hotels features the first ever McHotel

The interior design looks classy but they managed to incorporate the McDonald's signature designs on the chairs, curtains, headboards and porters.

This fast food themed hotel is different from the others because the company also incorporated the "fast" style of McDonald's. For example, there are no Bellboys and you're the one who should carry your luggage using the McPorters.

Even the check in desks are different. Instead of a person assisting you, you will be the one in charged of booking your room by inserting your credit card and tapping the ATM to get your door key.

The rooms are sound and smell proof, the bed can be adjusted depending to your likes, there's an internet connection, a big television and the curtains' colors are like the condiments.

As of now, the McHotel is now the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel.

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Sources: Michael Freudiger on YouTube, Wikipedia
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