Terrifying moment when Hawk drops huge Snake on a Family in Australia

Family bonding is a lot more fun outside our home, especially when we do picnics or doing other outdoor activities.

A family in Melbourne, Australia was enjoying their simple Barbecue Day in a park near a pond. Suddenly a Hawk started to fly around their location in a circular manner and then the unexpected thing happened.

 A screenshot from the video.
The Hawk flying around a pond while carrying a huge Snake.

One of the family members got amazed and started taking video of the Hawk. The bird glides around the pond, it seems like its targeting something on the ground and then it suddenly flies down to the grass.

Upon soaring high back to the sky, the Hawk now carries a huge Snake. The snake tries to fight back and moves its body to escape the powerful bird.

 A screenshot from the video.
The serpent quickly moves away from the Family.
Then the unexpected moment happened, the Hawk flies towards the location of the family and dropped the snake in the table. The people around the area panicked and moved away from where the snake landed.

The snake quickly crawl back to the grassy part of the park.

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