Hungry Pelican tries to eat a Pigeon whole in a park in London

It's unusual for us to see a huge bird eating another bird "alive". In a park in London, a very uncommon scene happened when a hungry Pelican swallows a Pigeon whole.

A Pelican is a large water bird, they have long beaks with a pouch skin on their throats. They usually eat fishes but sometimes they feed on small insects and animals.

 A screenshot from the video.
A Pelican shaking its head to trap the Pigeon inside its mouth.

On this video uploaded by SzabolcsS on YouTuba, a hungry Pelican wandering in a park suddenly grabbed a Pigeon and started swallowing it.

Because of the Pelicans enormous beak, it can easily eat the little bird whole. It shakes its neck to force the food down to its stomach, but the Pigeon is still alive and trying to get out of the mouth.

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