Frozen Lake, hikers seems like walking over a glass

Mother nature has so many mysteries and sometimes magical to all those who witnessed its majestic beauty around the world.

Most of us, especially if we don't experience freezing temperatures, know that when a lake got frozen, the ice sheet looks like the ice caps on the polar regions of the Earth.

 A screenshot from the video.
One of the hikers trying to break the ice sheet.

Watch these hikers walk on the clearest frozen lake in the world

On this video posted by ricardokramer on YouTube, a hiker walks on a very clear frozen water in Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The hiker gently walks on the top of the ice sheet, but there are some cracking noise on the video and some cracks are showing on some parts for the frozen lake.

The water is so clear, it's like the hiker is walking on top of a huge block of glass with some stones and plants inside it. The plants inside the ice crystals are so preserved, it's like you're looking in a high definition picture.

They tried to break the ice several times, but their weight is not enough to make a hole on the ice sheet.

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