Condo Unit Owner scolding a mother for taking an "illegal video" trends on Social Media

Filipinos love hanging out with their love ones or with their close friends everywhere, whether its inside a mall, in a coffee shop or on sidewalks of the street.

But sometimes, there are people who are easily annoyed by these kind of acts, tagging them as "loitering" especially in private places.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

In the video originally uploaded by Karl Andrew Atun on Facebook, a mother and her son together with some of their companions are being scolded by a condominium unit owner for taking an "illegal video" on the building premises.

According to the man who scolded the group, what they're doing is illegal under the rules and regulations of the condominium. When asked if they're just "loitering," the woman answered that they're renting a unit and they're just bonding with her family and friends.

Then the man answered,
Ah, tenant kayo. So kaya pala wala kayong book! Kaya pala hindi niyo alam yung rules and regulations kasi tenant lang kayo. Kaya pala, di niyo pala alam talaga.
He added that the tenants can "hit and run," meaning that they can rent the units and suddenly run from their obligations in paying.

The woman replied that the owner is her best friend. And then the man quickly replied, "Ok! Sino, si Gokongwei?"

And because of the heating arguments, the woman asks him what have they done wrong. "Sumunod kayo sa tamang rules and regulations!" replied by the unit owner.

The group says their sorry and decided to leave the area to avoid more confrontations with the angry resident.

Unit owner's explanation

A Facebook post by a user named Louie Baltazar explains the unit owner's side of the story.

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