Video compilation of terrifying animal attacks on humans in water

Exploring the wild is a wonderful experience especially if you can found a nice hidden paradise. Part of this adventure is a chance of meeting wild animals.

But there are also some not so nice events that can happen when you discover nature, one of them is when you encounter an aggressive creature and you can't escape easily because you're in water.

 A screenshot from the video.
A Scuba Diver's confrontation with a huge shark.

Scroll down for video.

Aggressive behavior is common in wild animals especially if they are territorial or protecting their eggs / babies. A video uploaded by Compilation King on YouTube shows some footage of extreme animal attacks on humans in water.

One of the animals featured is Sea Lion, when watching an animal show on theme parks, we can see how adorable and talented these Sea Lions are. But on this footage, an aggressive one was caught on film biting the head of a diver.

Another one is the gentle giant, Hippopotamus. On some animated movies, the Hippo is a harmless animal but on this compilation, it jumps out of the water to attack a moving boat with passengers.

Even Electric Eels are not friendly sometimes, they attacked a fisherman walking in a shallow water. The man suddenly collapsed and heard shouting like electrocuted while trying to catch some fish.

Check out the video and see more of the terryfing animal attacks on humans in water. What are your thoughts about this article? Please leave your comments and reactions below. Thank you.

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