The Winner serenades the Dabarkads with a Dionne Warwick classic hit single

The Sugod Bahay Gang of Eat Bulaga's Juan for All, All for Juan visited the City of Las Piñas. The segment started with a mini contest from one of the sponsors of the show.

When Vic Sotto called the winner, he was asked by the winner if it's okay if she would be the Winner. Bossing joked that he will ponder on it first.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

The winner is Renea Baretto, 43 years old with two children, a former Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. She's a singer and traveled in some parts of Asia like Japan, China, Singapore and Malaysia to perform.

At first, Bossing doesn't want to acknowledge her as the winner of the segment, so they requested her to sing a song to prove her identity. She sang "I'll Never Love This Way Again" by the American singer, actress and TV-show host Dionne Warwick.

Upon entering the the house of Renea, Jose found a collection of stones on the wall. The winner said that the stones like Azurite, Coal, Calcite, Basalt, Stalactite, and many more are collections of her late father.

When asked by Jose and Wally on why she doesn't want her husband to get a job, she joked that her man is a "chickboy". Her husband laughed, got embarrassed and denied her allegations.

After receiving her prizes from Eat Bulaga and the sponsors, she said that he will share the blessings to his brother who got disabled after a plane accident.

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