Senator Santago throws some "pick up lines" to President Juterte, Aiai, Kissy and Boy

The popular segment of Sunday PinaSaya continues to amaze the televiewers on guesting the impersonators of the 2016 Presidential Candidates. They guested VP Joe-joe Binat, Sec. Mars Roscas and even Ex-President Nyoy-nyoy Anino.

This time, they invited Senator Miriam Ofensor-Santago as their guest on Star Buzz's "Hot Pssst!". When asked how she's doing, she answered, "I went through all the trouble with the traffic, pollution and noise all for that question? But okay, sige. Sasagutin na kita. I am fine, thank you!"
President Juterte meets Senator Santago.
President Juterte meets Senator Santago.

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After some opening questions, Sen. Miriam decided to text someone and answered some phone calls. While talking on her phone, Kissy's popular assistant Warla informed her that President Rodney Juterte is on the studio.

President Dugong entered the studio and greeted the hosts of the show and sat beside Senator Santago.

Boy Amunda started the segment "Fast Talk" for Madamme Senator. But before he even start reading the questions, Sen. Miriam quickly answered all the questions.

After the "Fast Talk" segment, Pres. Juterte announced that he wanted to thank a special person. And then Sen. Santago suddenly turned 360 degrees and looked to Dugong.

Miriam started to throw some pick up lines to Dugong, Boy, Aiai and Kissy. Watch the funny video below.

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