Contestant sings for his X Factor Judge Crush

Having a crush is normal to everyone, especially on our teen years. Some expresses it and some hide it to themselves, but what amazing is when you shouted to the whole world how you love a person is.

A contestant on the X Factor UK showed his crush how happy he is to meet and sing for her in person, in front of the world who's watching the show.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

This man had a huge crush on one of the judges and poured the whole studio with love

The 18-year-old student named Viet Tien Ngujerv or Jason to his friends brought some flowers for her one and only love, the show's judge, Tulisa. He asked his crush if she could stand after his performance, and Tulisa happily said yes to his request.

Louis Walsh pointed out Jason's way of pronouncing Tulisa's name, it should be without "H" but he consistently calls her crush as "Tulisha".

Jason performed Whitney Houston's classic hit single, "I Have Nothing" and he dedicates it to his crush, Tulisha. He received 4 YESes and he received a special kiss from his crush. He also received a standing ovation from the audience because of his braveness on showing his love to his crush.

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