You'll never forget this Man's version of Mariah Carey Songs

A 25 years old male contestant named Fouad Djaoublia, a waiter from London and originally from France, tries his luck to be a recording artist as successful as Mariah Carey on the X Factor UK.

He said, "My big inspiration is Mariah Carey. First time I see Mariah Carey on TV, I was 11. Mariah Carey's voice is incredible because when she sings we will feel the passion of her heart. I would love to be as successful as Mariah Carey!"
 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

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This guy sings Mariah Carey songs in an epic and unforgettable style

His biggest dream is to record an album.

His first song is "Vision of Love" from MC's self-titled album, released on May 15, 1990. As he starts singing, the audience starts to cheer up and laugh. Simon asked to stop the performance.

Louis Walsh asked for his second song, which is "Hero". Simon was surprised because the crowd wanted Fouad to sing another song. As Fouad started singing, the crowd cheered and sang along with him.

After his performance, Simon Cowell commented,
Here's what I'm slightly puzzled here. Okay, this was like something out of Star Wars. I couldn't literally, could not understand a word, it was a language which is never been heard or invented. Nobody in a million, billion years would play that version on the radio. And say, you know what... most amazingly, this lad was singing along with you. Which means, this lad call me a mad. I can tell you, I'm not the mad one here.
Watch Fouad's epic rendition of the song and see the judges' amusing reactions while he sings.

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