Caught On Cam: 31 cars counterflowing in Mandaluyong

The opening of classes and the start of the rainy season added more heavy traffic in Metro Manila, and it became one of the worst in the world.

Even though we are all stuck in a heavy traffic, we need to abide by the law... always! Especially now that dashcams, cellphones and CCTV's are everywhere, I bet you wouldn't want to get featured on the news with your epic traffic violations.
 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

On this trending video uploaded by a Facebook user named Carla Parulan, 31 cars were caught counterflowing in a street in Mandaluyong City. The video started with a red Isuzu Elf blocking her way, she then took a shot of the road sign saying "Two Way Zone, No Counterflow" beside her car. She waited for a while until the mini truck merged with the correct traffic flow.

Some of the drivers on the other lane are giving some support on her, some of them are shouting at the truck driver who's counterflowing the street. Some are showing their sympathy on how hard the situation is for Carla.

Not only the mini truck, there are also some private vehicles counterflowing, from the standard priced vehicles to the very expensive ones. All in all, 31 of them violated the traffic rules on the Pilar Street in Mandaluyong City.

After more than 5 minutes and standing on her grounds on the law, Carla reached the end of the counterflowing line of "law breaking drivers". The video now has 295K views, 431 shares and still receiving comments of sympathy and support from other Facebook users.

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