Burning airplane wing and engine, recorded on video

We are on the time of fast and advanced technologies not only on gadgets but almost anything electronic. But that doesn't mean that we are safe from accidents like fire.

But these new inventions can help up or can give us warning on what's going to happen, take the Singapore Airline's Boeing 777-300ER flight to Milan as an example.
 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Flight Passenger captured the actual burning of their plane's wing and engine

According to www.channelnewsasia.com, a plane going to Milan was forced to take an emergency landing back to the Changi Airport in Singapore after an engine warning message.

Upon landing at the airport, the plane caught its right wing engine on fire. The firefighters on the airport quickly responded to the situation and saved all the passengers and crews.

One of the passengers got the chance to record a video of the actual fire on the plane's right wing engine. On the video, it shows the huge flames on the right wing, and it also shows the scene after the firefighters took off the fire.

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