Simon Cowell poked fun of this man, who turned out to be a Gospel Singer

The popular talent show, The X Factor is full of surprises. Here you can find amazing singer, epic dancers and other amazing talents. Some are good and some are just wanting to share their talents to the world.

On this episode of show, a man named Patrick George entered the stage. And then the judges started to ask some questions. Simon asked what kind of performance he will be doing. Patrick answered that he's a "gospel choir."

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

The audience laughed because he's the only one on the stage. And then Simon clarified, "Did you eat them?"

The crowd laughed and started booing Simon because of his hilarious question about the contestant. Then Simon asked if Patrick does have a normal job. Patrick surprised everyone with his answer. He's a Pastor and a member / conductor of the "Gospel Singers Incognito" choir.

David quickly asked Patrick if he can save Simon's soul, and it draws laughter from the audience.

Watch the breathtaking performance of the amazing soulful Gospel Choir. What you will witness will make you want to go to church, as what David commented.

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