Man edited the Super Mario Game to propose to his girlfriend

Every man wanted an epic, unique and unforgettable proposal moment for our for his girl. Whether its an expensive, budget-friendly or any kind of surprise, any girl would appreciate a man's effort especially when it comes from the heart.

Pam cried after seeing the proposal message.
Pam cried after seeing the proposal message.

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On this video from a YouTube user named Retro Shanerator or Shane Birkinbine, he proposed to his future wife in a spin jumping and star powered way.

Shane took a video of her girlfriend while playing the customized game level that he created. He captured every moment while her better half gather coins, fight King Koopa's minions, crush blocks and punch boxes with Question Marks.

On Pam's way to the middle of the game, Shane asked her to read the letters that was spelled out on the obstacles. She was amazed curious on how his hubby created such event on the game. She stated that she doesn't want to break it.

And As she continue with the game, she started to cry and laugh because of the hidden message on the game.
Pam will you marry me
Of course she said the magical word, "Yes" to her future husband.

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