Enrique Gil caught doing the Pabebe Wave of AlDub

The "Pabebe Wave" is so popular it has its own Wikipedia page.

In it, the "Pabebe Wave" is described to be "a term coined by the Philippine media to describe a gesture where a person imitates the waving movement done by beauty contestants in the Miss Universe pageant."

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

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Of course by now, everyone knows that this hand wave gesture was popularized by the very famous AlDub loveteam in the "Juan For All, All for Juan" segment of Eat Bulaga!

It first appeared when Yaya DUB, played by Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza, did it to reciprocate Alden Richard's greeting when they first met on the split screen during the show. The word is derived from the Filipino slang, pabebe, which means "to act cute like a baby."

This cutesy wave quickly spread and is often used as a gesture of friendly greeting by viewers and non-viewers of the show alike, including local celebrities, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities.

One of the latest local celebs to be caught on video doing the Pabebe Wave is Kapamilya actor Enrique Gil. The short video below was uploaded by entertainment blogger Iyane Escarpe on Instagram last April 21 and it soon went viral.

Video by Dsweetbox on YouTube
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