Encantadia 2016 released its first official animated trailer

After releasing it's first official trailer at the 15th anniversary of ToyCon Philippines, the 2016 version of GMA7 Telefantasya, Encantadia releases its first animated trailer.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

This would be another epic way of marketing the most awaited comeback of the world of the Diwatas.

The animated video started with the Kingdom of Hathoria, a land of fire and darkness, a place where the Hathors lives and governed by Hagorn, it was cursed by the legendary Cassiopeia. They are planning a war against the Diwatas and conquer the world of Encantadia.

The Queen of the Diwatas, Inang Reyna Mine-a and her four daughter Sanggre's who will be the guardians of the four elemental gems. Pirena will be handling the gem of fire, Amihan will take care of the gem of air, Alena will be the master of the gem of water and the youngest Danaya will have the gem of earth.

Together with the Kingdoms of Adamya and Sappiro, they will defend the world of Encantadia against the attacks of the Kingdom of Hathor.

Watch the epic animated trailer of Encantadia 2016. What can you say about this trailer, please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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