Mga officemate ni Kim, nagkandarapa (Bubble Gang)

Kim Domingo's comedy skit on Bubble Gang went viral

Bubble Gang is a sketch gag show that has been on air in GMA7 for almost 11 years. Its pop culture comedy style of making people laugh has proven it to be a hit show. It also includes segments with skits and sketches that spoof commercials, other celebrities and politicians.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

The video below is an example of one of the spoofs the show did, pointing out on the characteristics of men who are “bastos” (perverts) while in an office setting. It featured the very sexy Kim Domingo as the secretary of the boss played by Paolo Contis.

The scene opened with Kim Domingo wearing a very tight fitting, short red dress and applying lotion on her arms and legs as her other male officemates ogled on her, employing different tactics so they can get a better look.

But the boss soon stops them from ogling at her, only to drop things so that his secretary will bend over to get them. Now we know why things are always dropped in the office.

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