This funny Bamboo Game will surely make you laugh

When you hear the word 'sabong', what immediately comes to mind are roosters engaged in cockfights in cockpits.

But there’s really another animal used in ‘sabong’, or rather an insect as spiders are also used in a ‘sabong’ of some sort.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

Literally spider derby in English, Filipino children catch spiders, keep then in match boxes, and then look for other children with spiders of their own. They set these spiders on sticks and let them battle one another.

But in the video below, you don't see spiders or roosters. Instead, you see two grown men straddling a bamboo pole that is set on top of what looks like a canal. There, the two men battle it out in a fight trying to get the other to fall in the water.

At first, it looked like the one wearing pants was going to win but the man in shorts was able to hold on to the pole with his legs.

Watch the hilarious video and find out who ultimately wins in the human version of the spider derby!

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