Caught on Cam: Seafood Vendor swapping of plastic bags

Sales Lady's alleged dirty tricks to cheat on her customers, caught on CCTV

A modus operandi in a public market was uncovered in the video below.

A petite woman in ponytail and wearing a white shirt and brown pants was caught on video allegedly cheating the buyer on what they paid for.

The CCTV footage reveals the dirty tricks of the woman.
The CCTV footage reveals the dirty tricks of the woman.

The woman could be seen making a show out of weighing whatever it was (the video's a little blurry) that was being bought and then when she placed it back on the plastic, she traded the plastic for another one she had clearly prepared beforehand.

On the second time, she even ditched the effort of putting it inside the plastic and opted to thrown the empty one quickly aside and placing the merchandise on the low table beside her and grabbing another plastic she clearly prepared beforehand.

It was pretty clear this woman was up to no good and her quick sleight of hand tells us this wasn't the first time she did it.

So make sure you stay alert and check to make sure you got what you paid for the next time you go to the public market!

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