Difference between the brain of a Man and a Woman

Mark Gungor is an international marriage speaker and creator of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. According to a website called Smart Marriages, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is...
A wildly entertaining and informative event designed to bring hope and positive change to your marriage, improve communication, help your spouse truly understand you and your needs and rekindle the romance in your marriage.
Mark Gungor explaining what's inside the WOMEN's brains.
Mark Gungor explaining what's inside the WOMEN's brains.

Perfect explanation between boy's brain and girl's brain, hilariously informative

In the video, you can find a portion of the said event wherein Gingor explained men's brains women's brains are very different from each other.

According to him, men's brains are made up of little boxes and each of these little boxes store different things (e.g. a box for cars, box for money, box for cars, etc.). "We have boxes everywhere and the rule is, this boxes don’t touch," he continued.

It meant that when a man talks about a particular subject, they go to the particular box needed and take only what is solely in the box, careful not to touch the other boxes.

On the other hand, women's brains "are made up of a big, ball of wire and everything is connected to everything." He likens the women's brain to the internet highway to which emotion powers it.

The talk in itself is entertaining enough to listen to, with the audience (mostly couples) laughing every now and then to his event. See the video and learn how else men and women’s brains differ from each other!

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