Experience the feeling of being cremated on this "Death Simulator"

Virtual reality is taken to a whole new level with this attraction in China called "Xinglai". According to the video, "Xinglai" is "awaken" in English and this newly-opened attraction in Shanghai is meant to give you and your peers a chance to experience a simulation of death.

One of the clients trying the simulator.
One of the clients trying the simulator.

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According to the report, you and your peers are sat down on a room wherein you would be asked to think of a life-or-death scenario. After that, all of you have to choose whether or not you would sacrifice yourselves or put someone else in harm’s way in order to save yourself. You will be then asked why you chose either one and whoever gave the least convincing explanation "dies."

If you are the one to "die", you would be asked to lay down a conveyor belt wherein you would go down a tunnel which simulates cremation as you would see in the video.

The screen around you would be full of orange flames and, after that, you would emerge through the other side through a latex womb to simulate a kind of "resurrection".

Participants of this simulation could also write off their last words before "death", of which they could take this paper home or shred it to pieces in the spot.

Would you go through this simulation if given the chance?

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