Dog reunites with her mother for first time since puppyhood

It is not uncommon for the puppies to be separated from their mother as they are adopted to different homes.

According to a study, it is important for litters to be kept together with the mother up until eight weeks old. Harper was an 11-week-old puppy when she was taken by her new owners.

The moment when the dog meets her mom.
The moment when the dog meets her mom.

And in the video, Harper went on a trip three months later to go visit her mom. When they arrived, you can see Harper's head perking up as her mother neared and when they got close enough, Harper showered her mother with kisses. They even went on a run/jog together along with their owners!

Well, really, that's how we'd react too if we haven't seen our moms after a long time!

The video was uploaded in YouTube by Rumble Viral and has since garnered more than two million views. Many commenters said that they would love to have their own dogs visit their mommy dogs too!

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