Creepy unexpected photobomber on Chynna Ortaleza's photo

Photobombing is the act of accidentally or purposely putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects.

But what if your photo bomber is a ghost?

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

In the episode of MARS (a female talk show of GMA News TV hosted by actress Camille Prats and Unang Hirit host Suzi Abrera), guest Ryza Cenon relates the story of how a ghost photobomber Chynna Ortaleza in the set of 2014 horror movie, "Dementia", which was top-billed by superstar Nora Aunor.

According to Ryza, she asked Chynna how the taping was for the said movie and Chynna showed her a video taken by their handler. It was Ryza who noticed that there was someone behind Chynna. In a screengrab of the video, Ryza said she lightened it to enhance the image on the background and there you could see a woman who seemed to don the same white dress as Chynna.

At first, Ryza asked Chynna whether there was another person in the set who played as her double but when Chynna said there was no one, it confirmed their fear that it may be a ghost.

According to guest paranormal expert JR Rodriguez, ghosts embed themselves on the file so you couldn't really see them through the camera lens. He also explained that ghosts liked to mimic and it was probably why the ghost in the picture mimicked Chynna’s clothes.

Check out the video and see the ghost photobomber in Chynna's picture!

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