"Nilasing na Hipon" ang order, lasing na tao ang dumating (Wow Mali)

When the waiter it was free ever customer were convinced to give it a try. Nowadays where almost everything is really expensive, who would possibly refuse for something free?

After a few minutes, the random customers where served the most shocking dish they have ever seen!

The Nilasing Na Hipon in front of the customers.
The Nilasing Na Hipon in front of the customers.

This restaurant pranks its customers by serving the best "Nilasing Na Hipon"

In the Philippines, "Nilasing na Hipon" is a known delicious dish. However, the word "hipon" is not only known to be a sea creature but also a woman who has a good body figure, or what most of the people call sexy, but is not that good looking.

The customers, expecting to have a free delicious meal, were served with an accomplice disguised as ugly woman who's really drunk! Wow Mali gave the food a completely hilarious twist!

As the waiter took the woman to the table, it got even funnier when he said, "Lasing na Lasing po yan sir/mam!"

Some of the customers were shocked but they let out a laugh when they realized the pun in the word "Nilasing na Hipon" because the restaurant took the word literally!

One of the customers even said,
Baka mawalan ako ng gana kumain niyan.

A group of friends can't help but laugh and look at the woman who's pretending to vomit.

Most of the customers don't know what to do or how to react on the very hilarious moment.

The prank ended when the waiter returned, and asked the customer if he knew who cooked the Nilasing na Hipon he served. Then he revealed that it was Joey De Leon. In the moment, the customers already knew that they are on one of the Philippines best gag show.

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