Real Estate Agent na pang Masa (Bubble Gang)

Starring Michael V. as a salesman, Ogie Alcasid and Chariz Solomon as the poor couple looking for a house to buy.

Michael V., wearing a nice business attire and acting very corporate, lead the poor couple into a "barong barong" Michael V. proudly endorses that house has everything they could possibly need.

The real estate agent and the new owners of the unit.
The real estate agent and the new owners of the unit.

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This real estate agent will surely make you laugh while convincing you to buy a property

It was really hard not to laugh when Michael V. showed the couple the master’s bedroom as he unfolded a "banig" and placed it beside them. He also pointed out that the house also has a walk in closet and he pointed the box at the side of the house.

I don't know how could that be a walking closet but the couple’s smile are from ear to ear, which means it's a good sign.

The seller told them that the house has a flat screen TV, but it turns out that the television he's talking about is a giant electronic billboard few blocks away from the house.

While the seller is discussing about the house, a group of drunk men where catcalling a woman and asking for her number. The seller told them that they should not worry about the place’s neighborhood because everybody is really friendly.

Also, the seller pointed out that garbage will not be a problem because it will be collected every morning and afternoon. The husband asked if the trunk will stopover their house twice a day. The seller made it clear that every morning and afternoon a train will pass near their house and they could just throw their trash to it.

The wife was really in awe as she kept telling her husband that they should buy the house. The husband, on the other side, was really convinced to every word the seller tells them. At the end, they happily bought the house.

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