Mr. Fu dares hunky men in "Hubad na Katotohanan"

Mr. Fu successfully found three charming guys who accepted his dare. There was a same reaction from the guys when they heard that the first challenge prize is worth 20 pesos. They still did the dare anyway. The first dare involves the guys wearing lipstick but they should find someone who will put it on them!

The challenger passed the first round of tests.
The challenger passed the first round of tests.

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Mr. Fu looks for fearless challengers in his dare, "Hubad na Katotohanan"

The next dare for the guys is to take off their shirt and give it to a random girl as a "souvenir". Unfortunately, one of the challengers refused to do it. While the remaining two were able to with the prize which is worth 50 pesos as they successfully handed out their shirts to clueless girls they approached.

The crowd kept on cheering for the challengers when Mr. Fu asks them, "Keri Pa Niya?"

The last two guys were dared to look for another guy whom they will tell that they are feeling cold and that same guy should hug them for 15 seconds.

One of the guys didn't have the guts to do the dare. Unfortunately, he will not have the chance to win the grand prize worth 200 pesos.

The last guy was able to find a guard who is willing to hug him back. It was hilariously awkward when the guard tries to turn down the challenger. But because he was convince it was just for a dare, he hugged him for 15 seconds!

The final task for the remaining challenger was he should be able to high five three guys while he walks along the streets wearing a bra.

All throughout the dare, the guy just kept on laughing, it goes to show that he did the dare not because of the money but because he is having fun and enjoying the moment!

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