Mr. Assimo, unfazed by Dracula's classic intimidation style

Their paths crossed when Mr. Assimo walked into a dark alley where Dracula was hiding. Dracula, leaped and revealed himself trying to scare Mr. Assimo but he just let out a faint groan. He irritably asked Dracula, why. Dracula, feeling like he’s scaring Mr. Assimo, said that need blood because he is really thirsty.

Mr. Assimo trying to lure Dracula to the sunlight.
Mr. Assimo trying to lure Dracula to the sunlight.

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While Dracula confidently tells who is and what he can do, Mr. Assimo was just giggling at the corner. He claimed that he knew all about vampires because he obviously watched movies about them. Dracula had another idea and asked Mr. Assimo if he wanted to be his disciple but Mr. Assimo doesn’t need that anymore because he said he’s already the boss at his company.

Dracula is getting furious at Mr. Assimo, saying it's almost morning. Mr. Assimo said that he shouldn’t blame him at all. He should have gone earlier so he would be able to have more victims.

Dracula, jumping because of anger, can’t get hold of Mr. Assimo because of the ray of sunlight between them. Every time he tried to take hold on Mr. Assimo, he burns right away.

The skit ended when the villagers came to seize the vampire. Dracula denied that he was the one they are looking for but it was Mr. Assimo, then he started pointing at him.

Mr. Assimo shouted and saying he should look at himself and his costume first then he let out the famous catchphrase he always use, "Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa 'yo, 'no?!"

He usually say it near the end of his skit after which he will look at the camera with a surprised look, his hands raised across his head and his name flashing at the bottom of the screen

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