This amazing mobile app speeds up the work of measurements

A mobile app, short for the term "application software", is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, wherein the two biggest app stores are Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

A demo of the amazing mobile app.
A demo of the amazing mobile app.

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A number of apps have popped up since its appearance in 2008 and most were developed to make its users lives easier. There's an app that crowd-sources traffic data, road conditions and other information, an app that helps you search for the best restaurant in town, and even an app that helps you find the nearest toilet.

And now, there's an app that quickly creates professional floor plans & work estimates for you. MagicPlan is an app created by Sensopia and, according to its page,
It measures your rooms and draws floor plan just by taking pictures. Simply add objects, annotations, photos and attributes to generate reports or complete estimates.
In the video, you can see how the app works and if you're a real estate agent, an architect, interior designer, or a craftsman, we're sure you'll find this app helpful for your professional use!

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