Man visits Best Friend's grave and gets emotional

Mr. Chi City is a YouTube personality who rose to fame and became an internet star after he uploaded videos of himself narrating normal events in his life such as when there was a bug in his apartment. He is the self-proclaimed "realest dude on YouTube" and he has remained anonymity as he never showed his face on YouTube or on any other social media.

Mr. Chi City hanging out with his best friend.
Mr. Chi City hanging out with his best friend.

A very touching video of Man visiting his best friend's grave will make you cry

According to his interview with College Humor, he keeps his face out of the shot because he says a lot of crazy things and because it forces his audience to really listen to what he is saying in his videos.

Just as in the video below, when Mr. Chi City visited the grave of his friend who has passed away and where he stayed for three hours talking to him. He even brought some things for his friend such as a blanket (because it was snowing and obviously very cold), some snacks and even some slippers. You can hear his voice choke up in some parts especially when he remembers that his friend is no longer there with him and his family.

At the end of the video, it is somewhat revealed that he lost his friend because of gun violence as Mr. Chi City pleads to "please stop the violence. Put the gun down."

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