Maine Mendoza unlocks her phone with a very unique and complicated password routine

Each of us has very unique cellphone passwords but no one's more unique than Lola Nidora's password. As was seen during one episode of the famous Kalyeserye #KiligPaMore of the top-rating noon time show, Eat Bulaga, Lola Nidora would unlock her phone with a couple of swipes on the screen, a few twists on the side, a few circular swings and a couple jabs.

Maine Mendoza unlocking her phone in a very complicated way.
Maine Mendoza unlocking her phone in a very complicated way.

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So it's not surprising that a video of Yaya DUB, doing practically the same to unlock her phone has surfaced since she is Lola Nidora's grandchild. In the video below, the Dubsmash Queen can be seen with an adorable unlock routine for her phone too!

Maine Mendoza smiles as she "unlocks" her phone with gestures the same as Lola Nidora's with the added cuteness only the Kalyeserye sweetheart can bring.

Hopefully, she'll have passwords as strong and unique as the one she does in the video in real life to prevent her social media accounts from being hacked ever again!

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