After Carrot Man, Kwek-kwek Girl captures the attention of the online community

After Carrot Man Jeyrick Sigmaton and Cabbage Man Neil Galuten Matchok, it is time for ladies to take the stage as Kwek Kwek Girl becomes the latest internet sensation to be made famous by social media.

The viral Kwek-kwek girl from Olongapo City.
The viral Kwek-kwek girl from Olongapo City.

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In a photo posted by a Facebook called Rapsey, he said that he had seen Kwek Kwek Girl selling the popular street food in Olongapo City for a long time now and that he admired her beauty and her perseverance. Many commenters also praised her saying that they admired how hardworking she was.

Another photo posted by the same person said that they finally know her full name. The photo contained the original viral photo and another one of her bikini-clad and posed in what looked like a time when she joined a beauty pageant. The post said that her full name was Precious Gem Naval Layug and that she was also the one who drives her motorcycle foodcart whenever she goes out to sell kwek-kwek.

She surely is a girl to be admired as Kwek Kwek Girl proves diligence makes a girl beautiful.

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